"I have been in the financial study group since its inception. I have always been able to take back ideas from every meeting that helped improve our business. I have also developed close relationships with several marketers from our group and I value their friendships very highly. Also, marketers are always available for consultation. David Nelson has done a very good job over the years of coming up with new and better ideas on reporting our sales and financial numbers."

-- Don Rogers, Rogers Petroleum, Inc., Morristown, Tennessee

Benefits of Study Group Membership

  • Network with a peer group of non-competing marketers.
  • Exchange ideas to enhance your business
  • Receive monthly detailed financial reports and graphs benchmarking your performance relative to other firms in your group.
  • Participate in site visits to member locations.
  • Improve your understanding of how to monitor and improve financial performance for your company.
  • Periodically have the opportunity to participate in and receive the benefit of specialized studies dealing with topics such as C-Store performance, employee compensation, employee satisfaction, investment return, truck cost analysis, and insurance analysis.


Our "Fact Sheet" provides detailed information regarding the purpose, membership qualifications, and costs of the Study Groups.

"Sample Reports" and "Sample Graphs" are also available.  These reports and graphs are provided to each member of the study group.

Our Facilitators have extensive industry and financial knowledge.

Read our members comments and experiences of participating in a study group.

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